What to Expect at Twin Valleys

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Twin Valleys EntranceWhen you arrive at Twin Valleys, our property managers will walk you through a brief orientation which will include; operation of equipment, cleaning expectations and other information deemed appropriate in helping you have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable stay.  Camper's Guide.

  • Main Lodge great room with fireplace, capacity 50
  • Rectangle tables with chairs for up to 100
  • Main Lodge upstairs dormitory 13 cots 1 bathroom; 3 toilet stalls, 2 shower stalls, 3 sinks, shelving for personal items
  • Main Lodge downstairs dormitory 13 cots 1 bathroom; 2 toilet stalls, 2 shower stalls, 3 sinks, shelving for personal items
  • Main Lodge kitchen supplies include; pots, pans, cooking utensils, eating utensils, barbecue cooking utensils, plates, cups, walk-in cooler, standard size refrigerator, microwave, charcoal grill (charcoal not provided), large gas grill (this item must be requested), coffee maker (50 cup or 12 cup), hot pot, ice tea maker, dishwasher, paper towels, toilet tissue, cleaning equipment and supplies; foil, food storage bags, garbage bags. If bringing your own utensils and dishes be kind to the environment and only use reusable or biodegradable products.
  • Main Lodge Telephone.  The telephone is located in the main lodge off the kitchen in the utility room. This phone should only be used to contact the Property Manager or for emergency purposes only. Property Manager and emergency information is posted in the main lodge telephone area. Cell phones do work at Twin Valleys.
  • Twelve cabins each with 6 cots
  • Two classroom buildings with three classrooms; capacity 25-30

Each group is required to leave the property as clean and orderly as when they arrived.  This means cleaning all areas utilized to ensure the property is ready for the next incoming group.  



  • Color coded hiking trails (maps available on site)  Team Building Activities
  • Volleyball set
  • Assorted board games

*Student groups are required to have their group advisor sign off on the Twin Valleys' reservation form and Terms and Conditions Contract.