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Twin Valleys Outdoor Education Center

Twin Valleys pond and cabins

As of August 2020, Twin Valleys is closed. Please contact College Auxiliary Services for more information:



Twin Valleys is a unique multi-use outdoor education and recreation center located in the heart of the scenic Adirondack wilderness. This beautiful, remote and peaceful location offers the perfect backdrop for a variety of groups and activities.

Since 1945, Twin Valleys has served as a field campus for college instructional programs, student organization activities and a variety of functions, such as; meetings, workshops and team building activities.

Twin Valleys is for everyone who loves the Adirondacks. It invites you to go for a hike, bird watch, pitch a tent, play volleyball, deer watch or lie on your back and stare at the great big Adirondack sky. Twin Valleys gives you the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

At Twin Valleys, "Nature itself is the great teacher!"
David H. Levy of the Jarnac Observatory, Inc. in Vail, Arizona, former Science Editor for Parade Magazine, author and editor of numerous books and discoverer of over 21 comets to date, participated for 3 summers (1964 - 1966) at Twin Valleys Science Camp. David said this about his experience at Twin Valleys;

"Twin Valleys provided me my first serious dark sky experience. For those three summers (at Twin Valleys) I did much more than see the Adirondack sky; I experienced it...I got to learn the sky on its own terms and how it related to the Earth...By my third summer I was starting on my life's most ambitious adventure, my search for comets. Twin Valleys can give any person the experience I had...It is a place from which someone can experience the Adirondack Wild at work. Twin Valleys will not teach you the diameter of an owl's head, but it will let you experience how the owl interacts with the land and with other life forms. At Twin Valleys, Nature itself is the great teacher."


Located 40 miles south of SUNY Plattsburgh campus, Twin Valleys occupies 662 acres of Adirondack woodland with bubbling brooks and dense grassy meadows.

Who Can Use Twin Valleys

Twin Valleys is owned and operated by College Auxiliary Services and its use is limited to SUNY Plattsburgh recognized groups, departments and classes. Businesses, organizations and groups not affiliated with SUNY Plattsburgh may reserve Twin Valleys as long as their main activities are centered around an educational component approved by CAS and are compatible with the goals and guidelines placed upon it by SUNY Plattsburgh.  For further information contact CAS or email the Director of Properties.

*Student groups are required to have their group advisor sign off on the Twin Valleys' reservation form and Terms and Conditions Contract.

Please email your questions to