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Laundry Services at SUNY Plattsburgh – no quarters needed!

College Auxiliary Services at SUNY Plattsburgh contracts with CSC ServiceWorks to provide high quality laundry services to our students, offering high efficiency and more sustainable laundry service with super convenience.

Do the right thing use HE detergent!

Remember to use HE (that’s High Efficiency) detergent in your resident hall washers or the washers may require more service - which could mean more down time and less time for you to do your laundry.  Regular detergent can clog up HE washers (and can make them smell too!) and prevents them from doing their high efficiency and sustainable work!  (HE laundry detergent is available at Campus Express in the Angell College Center.)

Click here to enlarge.                                                                           Click here to enlarge washer and dryer instructions.

LaundryView                                                Laundry washer and dryer instructions 

LaundryView is available in all on campus resident halls.  Simply scan the QR code in your laundry room and LaundryView allows you to:

  • See when your laundry is done.
  • If machines are open for use. 
  • Access LaundryView's mobile site for helpful information.

Need a little guidance doing your laundry?  Check out CSC Service Works Laundry 101.


Report any problems to your RA, CA, RD or the janitorial staff
Call the RA ON DUTY between 7:30pm - 7:00am @ 518-564-3080
Scan the machine’s bar-code with your smart phone