Which Meal Plan Is Right For Me?

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Meal plans are designed with the busy student lifestyle in mind; whether you're a freshman, a student living off campus or a nontraditional student with a family, we understand your time is important and your nutritional well-being even more so.

I Choose The Perfect Meal Plan For Me

To select the right meal plan ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do I eat? (Once, twice, three times a day? Do I normally snack in-between meals?)
  • What are my dietary preferences or restrictions? (Organic, made without gluten, vegetarian or vegan, diabetes, etc.)  Use the Special Dietary Filter.  This great tool allows you to filter what you want to eat in your selected dining location.
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I want to eat the majority of my meals at the dining venues closest to my dorm or apartment?
  • Do I want to eat the majority of my meals at the dining venues that are closest to my class locations?
  • Do I manage my money well?
  • Am I organized?

During your first week on campus re-evaluate your meal plan choice by asking yourself these questions:

Campus map

  • What are my campus activities around my meal hours?
  • Do I want to eat where my friends are eating?
  • Where do I prefer to eat?
  • Is my meal plan working for me? You can check your meal plan balance here.
  • If you want or need to make any changes to your meal plans you have approximately 10 days from the start of the semester to make those changes.  After that date any changes must be medical in nature and approved by the Campus Dietitican.

 Direct your questions to plattsburghcas@plattsburgh.edu