How To Purchase a Meal Plan

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  1. Add your meal plan selection to your Student Accounts bill.
  2. Stop into College Auxiliary Services in Clinton Dining Hall to make changes.


  1. Please go to the Meal Plan Portal to review your meal plan assignment and to change your meal plan.
  2. You may access the Meal Plan Portal website HERE and select 'Meal Plan Portal'.  The portal utilizes your campus credentials to verify your identity.
  3. For step by step instructions on using the Meal Plan Portal click HERE
  4.  For Fall 2021 semester, the Meal Plan Portal will accept changes through Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 4:30pm.  After that date, students must provide medical justification for swtiching meal plans.  

Direct your questions please call CAS offices at 518-564-2035 or email us at