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Do Dining Dollars rollover from Fall to Spring semester?

Dining Dollars rollover from Fall to Spring semester.  Any unused Dining Dollars are forfeited at the end of the Spring semester.  

How do I select a Meal Plan?

Go to How Do I Select a Meal Plan for helpful information.  If you require further assistance please contact CAS at plattsburghcas@plattsburgh.edu or 518-564-2035.  

Do I have to purchase a Meal Plan?

Yes, if you are living on campus you are mandated by the SUNY Plattsburgh Housing Office to purchase one of the residential meal plans. 

If I don't like my Meal Plan can I change it?

Yes, there are approximately 10 days at the beginning of each semester in which you are allowed to switch Meal Plans. Changes after the designated dates must be medical in nature and approved by the Campus Dieititian.  Please check the meal plan pages for specific dates each semester or call College Auxiliary Services at 564-2035 for further information. 

How do I know how much I have left on my meal plan?

You can check your meal plan balance on line.

Can I use my Meal Plan for someone else?

No, meal plans are non-transferable and meant for the sole use of the student to whom it was issued. You might treat a friend with Dining Dollars, Express Dollars, a Guest Pass or Cardinal Cash, but must be accompany that guest into the dining hall.

How do I use my meal plan at a resident dining facility?

Instruct the cashier to take a meal swipe, Dining Dollars or Express Dollars and your account will be reduced automatically.

Do I need to purchase a meal plan each semester?

Yes, if you are an on campus (resident) student the SUNY Plattsburgh Housing Office mandates the purchase of an on campus meal plan each semester, regardless of any remaining meal plan balance.

Am I entitled to a refund if I do not use all of my meal plan?

If a student officially withdraws and provides the required authorization from the university, a prorated refund may be issued afer a utilization review.  Refunds based on lack of meal plan use cannot be refunded.

Please refer to the SUNY Plattsburgh College Policy

Can I use my Dining Dollars at Campus Express?

Dining Dollars cannot be used at Campus Express, only at dining venues.  However, Express Dollars may be used at Campus Express.  

Can I add additional Dining Dollars to my meal plan?

Additional Dining Dollars may not be added to your chosen meal plan.  Express Dollars may be added to any meal plan anytime.

My total purchase at Tim Hortons is $3.75 – should I use a Meal Trade?

A Meal Trade has a value of $8.75 at on campus retail dining facilities. There are a couple of ways to make this purchase;

  • Use a Meal Trade; however, purchase another item worth $5.00 to bring your total purchase to the full Meal Trade value of $8.75.
  • Use Dining Dollars or Express Dollars to make the $3.75 purchase.
  • Use Cardinal Cash to make the $3.75 purchase.
I have special food requirements (allergies, diabetic). How do I get meals that meet my needs?

You can use the dining hall allergen filter to find out where your desired/required menu items are available . You may also email our Campus Dietician, Derek Fiacco, at dfiac001@plattsburgh.edu. Derek will work with you to ensure your daily needs are met and his services are free!

You may contact Jeff Vallee
I choose Flex 150 – but how do I budget my Meal Trades?

With Flex 150 you receive 150 Meal Trades per semester. There are 15 weeks per semester, this averages to approximately 10 meals per week. You are not required to use 10 meals per week, this plan gives you the flexibility to use 12 meals one week and 5 meals the next and so on. Manage and view your meal plan totals on line.


What happens if I am sick or hurt and can't get to the dining halls to eat?

The Student Health Center or your Resident Assistant can issue an authorized sick pass. An acquaintance of the individual may bring the authorized sick pass plus the sick student's ID Card to the cashier at Clinton Dining Hall and pick up the meal.  Please see your Resident Assistant or contact the Student Health Center.

If I have Flex 150 or Flex 120 will I lose Meal Trades if I don’t use them?

Meal Trades are forfeited at the end of each semester.

What happens if I can't get to the dining halls in time to eat?

If a student has an academically related reason (e.g. class conflict, student teaching assignment or nursing assignment) a copy of your schedule can be brought to Clinton Dining Hall so that a box lunch can be provided, this service is called Meals on the Move. Please note Meals on the Move are not provided for students leaving campus for weekend trips or holiday breaks.

It's finals week and I have 12 Meal Trades left – what do I do?

You can use your Meal Trades in dining facilities that week. Meal Trades do not rollover and are forfeited at the end of each semester.

Where can I use my Meal Plan?

How you use your meal plan is dependent upon the meal plan you choose. Please call College Auxiliary Services if you have any questions about when you can use your selected meal plans at 564-2035 - we're here to help!

Can I add additional Express Dollars on my meal plan?

Additional Express Dollars may be added to your chosen meal plan anytime. 

How do I access my Meal Plan?

Your meal plan is accessed through your SUNY Plattsburgh ID card. You simply present your card to the dining facility cashier at the time of purchase.

Can I add Meal Trades if I need to to my residential meal plan?

Yes, you may add meal trades to Flex 150 or Flex 120, whichever resident meal plan you have.  The cost for a meal trade is $8.75.  Please keep in mind that meal trades expire at the end of EACH semester.