Meals on the Move

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Meals on the Move - for students on the go. A hectic schedule doesn't mean you have to miss a meal to remain healthy and energetic.

  1. Who’s eligible to use Meals on the Move?  Any SUNY Plattsburgh meal plan holder not on campus during regular dining hall hours can order a Meal on the Move.
  2. How do I order my Meal on the Move? Download the Meals on the Move order form here and present the form to the Clinton Dining Hall cashier.
  3. How much notice do I need to give the dining hall? Advance notice of 24 hours is required. You can even set up to receive Meals on the Move on a regular basis each semester.  For example; if you are student teaching on Mondays all semester you can pick up a Meal on the Move each Monday, just indicate this on the form.
  4. What meal choices do I have? You have a choice of a box lunch, which includes; type of bread, meat or non-meat, condiments, beverage, dessert and fruit.
  5. How do I pay for the meal? The meal will be charged to your meal plan.
  6. Where do I pick up my Meal on the Move? You can pick up your Meal on the Move at Clinton Dining Hall Monday through Friday 7am – 9am and 11am – 1pm and on weekends 9am – 1pm.  Remember 24 hour notice is required!

For Meals on the Move eligibility information please contact College Auxiliary Services at 564-2035.
To arrange for your Meal on the Move pick up call Campus Dining Services at 564-3085.