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We are excited to announce that our dietitian services are now supported by a Registered Dietitian Nutrition (RDN) through Chartwells. Chartwells robust level of services enables us to offer remote and onsite consultations and services to help you achieve your dietary goals.

Chartwells' registered dietitian nutritionist offers a variety of services to members of the campus community.

Nutrition consultations are available to current students, athletes, and employees. Additional outreach services and programming for campus organizations, groups, and classes can be made by request. The dietitian is a resource for those with nutrition-related questions or concerns or any special dietary needs and/or food allergies and can help you navigate the dining halls.

Sessions are considered private but are not governed by the same standards of confidentiality as a counseling appointment. Active eating disorders may require sharing of information with other collegiate departments.

The dietitian is only able to meet with current students and employees. (Unfortunately, he is unable to meet with family members, partners, and children).

Common Reasons to Seek the Advice of a Registered Dietitian
• General nutrition concerns related to high blood pressure or cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Disordered eating and eating disorders
• Vegetarian/vegan lifestyles
• Fueling for athletic performance
• Healthful cooking and meal planning
• Intuitive/Mindful Eating
• Gastrointestinal issues
• Food allergies or intolerances

Schedule an Appointment
All appointments are free. Referrals are not required.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Christopher Mihalyi by email at, by phone at (518) 564-4094, or in person at the Chartwells Campus Dining offices above Clinton Dining Hall. The location of the office is to the right side of the building when you walk into Clinton Dining Hall, opposite of CAS.

During a typical appointment the dietitian and the student will work together to determine achievable health goals for the student to implement into their lifestyle.

Please fill out the Nutrition Questionnaire to the best of your abilities and email it back to Christopher Mihalyi before the scheduled meeting or bring it with you in person.


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