Campus Dietitian Services

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 We are excited to announce that our dietician services are now supported by Registered Dieticians from Chartwells. Chartwells robust level of services enables us to offer remote and onsite consultation services to help you achieve your dietary goals! 

  • Student informational seminars are available and include, but are not limited to; Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Celiac, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Food Allergies, Sports Performance, Vegetarianism, Veganism, Weight Loss or Gain.
  • Private consultations are available for students only and are scheduled through the Student Health Center. All Campus Dietitian services are free of charge for students.  
  • If you have dietary restrictions, our Campus Dieititian can assist you in finding the menu items that suit your nutritional dietary needs.  
  • Schedule a consult through the Center for Student Health at 518-564-2187 or in person at the Health Center's Desk. The Health Center in located off of Rugar Street and is the building behind the College Store.  You may also email our dietician to make an appointment at:

Preparing for your private consult
In order for your time with the dietitian to be spent effectively, it is important that you prepare a food journal a few days in advance. Typical entries may include:


  • Time of day
  • The food description & amount eaten

Valuable Information:

  • Time spent eating
  • Location of eating
  • Other activities done while eating
  • Mood at the time of eating
  • Level of hunger at the time of eating

At your appointment the dietitian will obtain a diet history and background information.  This process will assist you in becoming aware of your eating habits so you can make healthful changes.

Why Keep A Food Journal?
Food journals are essential to better understand your eating habits. They allow you to see the type, quantity and nutritional value of the food you choose to eat. Food journals also help you understand triggers that affect your eating habits and may assist you in developing strategies for healthful change.

Download free nutritional information and materials: