Conferences and Events Services

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Our Conferences and Events Services Office can assist you at many different levels, customizing our assistance to suit your needs.
Here are some of the details we can take care of for you:

  • Reserving on-campus facilities.
  • Arranging for catering of meals and refreshments.
  • Design, layout, printing and mailing of promotional materials.
  • Design, layout, and uploading of interactive conference website.
  • Online registration and payments.
  • Overseeing your event's fiscal reports and details.
  • Overseeing design, reproduction and distribution of instructional materials.
  • Contracting with outside vendors for goods and/or services.
  • Arranging for audio-visual equipment, special instructional equipment and materials.
  • Developing conference materials, such as name tags, handouts, portfolios.
  • Being present at the event to coordinate all facets including on-site registration.
  • Help analyze conference evaluations and recommendations for future improvements.
  • Providing a complete financial report and any other tasks that will add to your event's success.

For information and estimates please contact Dana Kellerman at 518-564-3054 or