Cardinal Cash FAQs

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How do I open a Cardinal Cash Account?

Every SUNY Plattsburgh student has a Cardinal Cash account; there is no need to "open" an account. All that is needed to access the functionality of Cardinal Cash is a deposit of at least $10.00.  You can even add a specific amount on your Student Accounts bill at the start of each semester and Cardinal Cash will be available when you arrive on campus.

How do I add money to my Cardinal Cash account?

Click here for information about all the ways you can add money to your Cardinal Cash account.

How do I check my Cardinal Cash balance?

Check your balance online. Remember if it's your first visit to this site, you will need to select "I'm New Here" and register.

Who can deposit to my Cardinal Cash Account?
  • Anyone can deposit to your Cardinal Cash account by phone or mail as long as they have your name and Banner number


My balance from the vending machines shows lower than my actual balance. Is there a problem?

There is not a problem.  Vending machine sales are limited to $10.00 per day in order to discourage card theft. Each day your vending account balance is reset to $10.00 and is reduced with each sale.

What happens to money in my Cardinal Cash account at the end of the year?

Your Cardinal Cash account remains open and funds carry over to the next semester unless you request a refund. Your refund request may be subject to special circumstances. Please call College Auxiliary Services for further information 518-564-2035.

How do I close my Cardinal Cash account?

Students may close accounts and obtain refunds for a balance of $10.00 or more upon graduation, official withdrawal from the university or at the end of the spring semester. You may request a refund at College Auxiliary Services offices in Clinton Dining Hall. Faculty and Staff may close accounts and obtain refunds at anytime using the same procedure.