Nutritional Information

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Eating healthy is a challenge for most students during their college years. So many choices, continuous service and unlimited portions all may help to cultivate poor eating habits. College Auxiliary Services and Chartwells Dining Services offer numerous educational and dining opportunities to assist SUNY Plattsburgh students so that they may enjoy good health, increased energy and optimum physical fitness.

Fun, innovative and easy dining programs will help you make healthier choices - look for them in your favorite dining facilities.

SUNY Plattsburgh students are encouraged to discuss their food allergies or other dietary needs with our campus dietitian, Jeff Vallee at 564-3030 or You can make an appointment with Jeff via email, phone, in person at his office in Clinton Dining Hall or fill out a referral form at the Center for Student Health and Psychology Services.

The Center for Student Health & Psychological Services at SUNY Plattsburgh staff includes physicians, physician assistants, counselors, nurses, administrative staff, medical laboratory technician and health educator. The Center offers a wide range of services, including: a campus Dietitian and nutritional advice.