Executive Director Search 2019

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College Auxiliary Services Board of Directors is currently conducting a search for an Executive Director. Four candidates will be interviewed between November 24 and December 11. The schedule for each candidate is as follows:

Day #1:
Tour of community and Valcour with current Executive Director: 3-5pm
Dinner with Search Committee at Anthony's: 6pm

Day #2:
Breakfast with Search Committee: 7-7:45am
Meeting with VP for Administration & Finance: 8-9am
Meeting with Campus Cabinet: 9-9:30am
Break: 9:30-10am
Meeting with CAS Staff: 10-11am -- CAS Conference Room, Clinton Dining Hall
Meeting with CAS HR Officer: 11-11:30am
Campus Tour: 11:30am-12:30pm (optional)
Lunch Mtg with Students: 12:30-1:15pm SA/Housing/CAS Board -- Meeting Room #1, Angell College Center
Break: 1:15-1:30
Meeting with CAS Controller: 1:30-2:00, Meeting Room #2, Angell College Center
Meeting with Board and Key Campus Contacts: 2-3pm -- Amnesty Room, Angell College Center
Meeting with Search Committee 3-4pm -- Meeting Room #7, Angell College Center

Click on the Candidates Name to access their resume.
Candidate #4: December 10-11  DANA KELLERMAN

Download candidate surveys here (please note, survey is not a fillable pdf) and submit at any session or mail the survey via campus mail to Gordon Muir, CAS Board of Directors Search Committee Chair, Feinberg Library.   Surveys will also be available at each session.