Steps To Select/Change Your Meal Plan

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 All freshman and first year students are required to have the Anytime Dining + $125 Meal Plan their first semester.

As a new student you must complete an online checklist. (Freshmen may not change their meal plan during their first semester.)



Yes, if you want to change your meal plan you have approximately 10 days from the start of the semester to do so.  (Freshmen may not change their meal plan the first semester.)  Meal Plan change dates are announced in the Student Digest, on social media, in the Meal Plan brochure and on this website.  Any meal plan changes after the dates listed must be medical in nature and approved by the campus Dietitian.

Come to the CAS offices in Clinton Dining Hall as soon as possible, BEFORE the deadline to change your meal plan.

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018 is the deadline to change your meal plan. After that any changes must be approved by the campus dietitian and be medical in nature.



  • For questions regarding your meal plan eligibility , please contact the Housing Office directly at 518-564-3824 or
  • For questions regarding which meal plan might work best for your budget and campus lifestyle or to change your meal plan by the semester deadline, please contact College Auxiliary Services at 518-564-2035.