Meal Plans - Everything You Need to Know

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Our goal is to provide you with an extensive variety of wholesome, delicious food choices in pleasant, comfortable facilities in conveniet locations and operating hours. From exhibition cooking, fun theme nights, Allergen Awareness areas in Clinton, organic choices and daily wellness entrees - we want you to be a satisfied customer! (Please note: students have approximatley 10 days from the start of classes to change their meal plan each semester.  Reminder notices are sent through the Student Digest and social media channels @PlattsCAS.  Meal Plan change requests after these designated dates must be medical in nature and requires Campus Dietitian approval.

See your balances and transaction history for your Meal Plan, Dining Dollars, Express Dollars and Cardinal Cash here.

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As stated in your housing contract, students residing on campus are required to purchase a residential meal plan each semester regardless of any remaining Meal Trade, Dining Dollar or Express Dollar balances on your account. Meal plans offered are subject to change each academic year.

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