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Welcome to SUNY Plattsburgh's Dining Program!

2014-2015 Meal Plan Brochure

ON CAMPUS 2014-2015 MEAL PLANS                                                       OFF CAMPUS 2014-2015 MEAL PLANS               

Our goal is to provide you with an extensive variety of wholesome, delicious food choices in pleasant, comfortable facilities throughout campus with convenient hours all year round. From exhibition cooking, fun theme nights, Allergens Awareness areas in Clinton and Algonquin, organic choices and daily wellness entrees - we want you to be a satisfied customer!

We hope you find these pages helpful in your quest to find the meal plan that will suit your campus lifestyle and budget. Any questions? Give us a call, email us or post your question on our Facebook page - we're here to help!

Your Retail Meals, Meal Trades, Dining Dollars, Express Dollars and dining halls are accessed with a quick swipe of your ID card (Cardinal Card).

Meal plans are priced and developed to suit the dining needs of students over the course of each semester. As stated in your housing contract, students residing on campus are required to purchase a residential meal plan each semester, regardless of any remaining Meal Trade, Dining Dollar or Express Dollar balances on your account.

Meal plans offered are subject to change each academic year. 

Please email your questions to us at

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