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Follett Now Managing Textbook Department at the College Store Announcement

Follett Higher Education Group is now managing the College Store's Text Department and is located in the College Store. (See original Follett announcement link above). The College Store and Follett are currently in a transitional period regarding textbook ordering for the upcoming summer and fall semesters. During this transitional period textbook orders will be accepted via email request only.

Please send your textbook and course material package information to the following email:


Please include the following information in your email:

• Course number
• Section
• Estimated enrollment
• Author
• Title
• Indicate if this is a package or if any ancillary materials are needed
• Indicate if the textbook (or parts of a package) are required, recommended or optional
• Indicate if no textbook is required (this will discontinue any subsequent email reminders)
• Periodic emails will be sent until all information is received

The online text ordering process will be functional in the very near future. The new process will allow you to research new textbooks and materials, as well as select and adopt materials for your class in an easy and streamlined manner. Information and instructions will be sent out as soon as connectivity is complete.

Students will be selling books during the buy back period during finals week. Receiving course information early is key in allowing us to offer students the best price for their textbooks.

Thank you