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Providing convenience, flexibility and controlled spending for the campus community since 1995!

Cardinal Cash is a campus administered, prepaid, declining debit account accessd with your ID card.  Every SUNY Plattsburgh Cardinal Card ID holder has a Cardinal Cash account.  There is no need to "open" an account. To use your ID for Cardinal Cash, just make a minimum deposit of $10.00.

Cardinal Cash benefits:Easy, Fast, Flexible & Safe!

  • No need to carry cash or another debit card
  • Controlled spending
  • No fees
  • Convenient
  • Increases your purchasing power on and off campus at over 50 locations
  • You can manage your Cardinal Cash account on line 24/7
  • Flexible
  • Don't use it?  You won't lose it.  As an enrolled student, your Cardinal Cash balance carries over semester to semester.  (Please note, cash withdrawals cannot be made form your Cardinal Cash account.)

How do I make a purchase with Cardinal Cash?

  • Go to an on campus or off campus locations and present your ID card.
  • Let the cashier know you would like to make your purchase with Cardinal Cash.
  • When the cashier swipes your card, the funds will be subtracted from your Cardinal Cash account immediately.
  • You will be required to sign for the purchase and should receive a receipt from the merchant.  
  • Want to see if the purchase went through? Just go to Manage Your Account.

Cardinal Cash is not accepted for purchases, such as; alcohol, all tobacco products, lottery or other gambling tickets, items that could be construed as drug paraphernalia, any items that could be construed as weapons, body altering (such as; tattoos, piercings, etc.) and gift certificates.

Cardinal Cash Disclosure Statement

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