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Since 1966, College Auxiliary Services (CAS), a not-for-profit organization, has provided educational related services for the benefit of the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. Our job is to manage services which are not provided for by the state budget, for instance; dining services, Cardinal Cash, cable TV, conference services, etc. We value students' opinions and encourage and solicit input from students on a regular basis. Six students serve on the twelve member College Auxiliary Services Board of Directors, as well as on a variety of committees such as; the Campus Dining Services Committee, Program Grant Committee, Investment Committee and Finance Committee.

All surplus revenues earned through CAS programs and services are used for the benefit of the college, in furtherance of the college's mission and in accordance with the purposes of the corporation.

Examples of fiscal support include:

Angell College Center ActivitiesAdmission/Enrollment InitiativesCenter for Teaching ExcellenceScholarship support with SUNY Plattsburgh College FoundationsStudent Academic TravelGeneral/Service/Cultural ProgramsAnd many more...


Cable TV
Cardinal Card
Cardinal Cash
College Store

Main StoreCampus Express (c-store )


Conferences and Events

WorkshopsTrainingsSummer Safari

Dining Services - subcontracted with Chartwells Dining Services

11 Facilities and catering

Student Accounting Services
Twin Valleys Outdoor Education Center
Valcour Educational Conference Center OPEN TO THE PUBLIC beginning April 1, 2012!
Vending - subcontracted to Next Generatio